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Monday, December 19, 2011

TOOTHAPALOOZA! Jan. 14th, 2012!

TOOTHAPALOOZA! Jan. 14th, 2012!

TOOTHAPALOOZA's epic lineup is as follows:

KKrusty (Chicago, IL) []

Kkrusty (Mike Taylor) began making electronic music in 2004.
After experimenting with many styles, he discovered chiptune (music made using or emulating the sounds of outdated video game and computing hardware) and began composing songs on the Nintendo GameBoy in early 2008.
His music mixes sometimes sweet, sometimes epic melodies, pounding, danceable rhythms, (not to mention the occasional 80's hair-metal cover) and never fails to turn any room into a frothing mess of nuclear gleeful madness!

Dental Work (Traverse City, MI) []

Dental Work is an avant-garde sound & performance art manipulation project by Jay Watson, based out of Traverse City, MI with roots in Detroit, Chicago, Denver, and Oakland, CA.
The music is a rare blend of musique concrete, extreme psychedelia, anxiety, experimental, harsh noise, tape manipulations, glitch, grindcore, turntable-ism, sound collage, found sounds, avant-garde, and outsider trash art.

Ghoulie (Lansing, MI) []

Ghoulie is one of the many projects of Lansing musician/producer Patrick Wenzel, who is also known for his analog/electro groups Public Pubes and Sex Ghost.
He performs an experimental set of grimy soul, noise, funk and rap.

Little Animal (Detroit, MI) []

Little Animal is the new solo outing of Detroit's Rachelle Baker, formerly of Sippy Cups.

RedSK vs. teh soup rebellion (West Sumpter, MI) []

Two man psychedelic harsh noise assault unit.

Watabou (Ann Arbor, MI) []

Watabou is the solo electronic project from the mind of multi-instrumentalist Travis Jarosz. With his blend of intelligence and raw power, Watabou aims to evoke the emotions of any audience to the utmost, be it through intensive melodies, driving rhythms, powerful words, or any other number of qualities attributed to the act.

Trabajabamos (Ann Arbor, MI) []

Trabajabamos is a well-crafted, humorous and undeniably entertaining rock-ish hybrid.
They'll make you want to quit your job and make a career of rocking out to their songs!

Little Mack (Ann Arbor, MI) []

Little Mack makes a unique blend of psychedelic breakcore and noise music and has a rather prolific catalog of releases under a number of pseudonyms, both self-released and on several of the internet's better .mp3 labels.

If you can't make it to the show, but feel like helping out, you can in the following ways:

-Donate money directly or by mail at:

Eric Stephenson
2606 Packard
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

-Invite your friends to this event and/or post about it!

-Make/print/pass out fliers at social functions!

-Talk about it in person or on the radio!

Times are tough and dental work is expensive, so we bring you TOOTHAPALOOZA - a benefit to raise money to replace Far House resident, Eric Stephenson's broken front tooth.

Please show up on time and donate what you can.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dental Work - Fruit Of Lebanon 7" Vinyl Record via LEM/PR 2012

Love Earth Music/Placenta Recordings (LEM77/PR150)

Side A - Fruit Of Lebanon
Side B - Fever Zone

$10 (includes free shipping/bonus gifts!)

Love Earth Music
c/o Steve Davis
7726 Lilac Lane
Santa Susana, CA

Placenta Recordings
P.O. Box 694
Beulah، MI


Extra Special Thanks: Steve Davis/Love Earth Music + Kwik Print/Traverse City, MI + Placenta Recordings Family!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grindcore Karaoke/Placenta Recordings Presents: Dental Work - "Arabian Nights In PMS City"

Grindcore Karaoke/Placenta Recordings presents:

Dental Work - "Arabian Nights In PMS City"


"a 17 piece collection or rare, out of print, classic sounds spanning 2008-2011. Features guest appearances from Kris Smith, Morgan Feger, Kawabata Makoto/Acid Mothers Temple, Crank Sturgeon, Nerfbau, and Cock E.S.P.! This is the definitive collection of DW material, available for free download! HUGE thanks to J. Randall of Grindcore Karaoke/Agoraphobic Nosebleed for asking me to do this, and doing such an amazing job on releasing this album! SMOKE/SNORT/DOWNLOAD/FUCK/DIE"

1. I Think I'll Have A Banana
2. Fruit Of Lebanon
3. Adapter NO SNS-002
4. Gay Paint
5. A Shallow Grave
6. R1P0ZAMA (featuring Kris Smith & Morgan Feger)
7. Terrorist Beard
8. Agoraphobic Truth
9. Lines Of Adderall
10. Onyx
11. Father Electronics
12. Mexican Disco Erections (featuring Morgan Feger)
13. Facebook Glory Hole
14. Mosquito Dunk + Crunk Alfredo + Ponyo Stiff (featuring Crank Sturgeon & Nerfbau)
15. Live @ Denver Noise Fest 2011
16. Lemonade Station Destruction 25 (Kawabata Makoto/Acid Mothers Temple vs. Dental Work)
17. Noise Is A Better Music (Cock E.S.P. featuring Dental Work)

GK#127 c&p 2011 karaoke/dental work

released 08 December 2011

"Arabian Nights in PMS City"

Dental Work is Jay Watson.

Recorded 2006-2011 in various locations including: Traverse City, MI. Oakland, CA. Denver, CO.

Special Thanks to J. Randall / Grindcore Karaoke, Kris Smith, Morgan Feger, Crank Sturgeon, Nerfbau, Todd Novosad / Denver Noise Fest, Kawabata Makoto / Acid Mothers Temple, Cock ESP., My parents, Family, & Friends, SS, My Cats, Placenta Recordings, and everyone who has inspired / supported me all of these years! I LOVE YOU!

- Jay Watson, Dental Work

First Act Microphones, Magix Audio Studio 10 Deluxe, Magix MIDI 10, FC Twin, Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3 Drum Machine, Whistles, Nintendo GameBoy Pocket, Mario Paint, Chop Sticks, Rusty Car Parts, Combat Boots, Loving Lamb, Old Video Tapes, Cardboard, A Box Of Cereal, Toshiba Satellite Laptop, Behringer Eurorack MX 602A, Magix 15, Nintendo 64, PS2, Dell Pentium 4 Desktop CPU, Oujia Board, A Pair Of Little Girls Shoes, Handcuffs, Percussion De Griselda, Sony PS-LX250H Turntable, Dennon DRA-275R Amp, Homemade Instruments, Dennon DCD-695, Tredex TX-3000 DVD Player, Old Movies, Records, Samples, Voices, Peavy Bandit 112, Foreign Language Books On Tape, Video Games, LSD, A Switchblade, Super Mario Effects Keychain, Wigs, Duck Calls, Mini-skirts, Weird Toys from the 80's and 90's, Yamaha Portasound PCS-500 Keyboard, Casio CTK-519 Keyboard, Paint Markers, Crate BX-15 Amp, Peavy KB 15 Amp, Peavy 8 Channel Mixer, Famitracker, Atomix, Pornography, Flarp! Noise Putty, My Genitalia, A Coffee Grinder, 4 Piece Dental Pick And Hook Set, Humanity. Mental Illness. Awkward Anti-Social Ritualistic Behavior. Animal Rights. Life. Death. Society's Flaws. Crime. Crayons. Finger Puppets. Serial Killers. Pedophiles. Self Mutilation. Drug Abuse. Marijuana. LSD. MDMA. Cocaine. Psilocybin. Ketamine. Methamphetamine. Methylphenidate. Amphetamines. War. Anxiety. Medical Care Facilities. Abandoned Buildings. Where houses. Whorehouses. Lipstick. Cross Dressing. Transsexuals. Hermaphrodites. Extremists. Stress. Poverty. Detroit, MI. Family. Friends. Animals. Musicians. Artists. My Parents. Excess. Addictions. Murder. Abduction. Medical Devices. Kidnapping. Surgery. Morticians. Cemeteries. Atheism. Autonism. Travel. Internet. Endless Books, Magazines, CD's, Cassettes, Vinyl, and Movies. Loving Lamb, Old Video Tapes, Musique Concrete, Extreme Psychedelic, Anxiety, Experimental, Harsh Noise, Diseased Power Electronics, Found Sounds, Avant-Garde, Mental Spaghetti, Microwaved Ganja Gangsta Salsa, Dish Washer Cream Puff Pop, Laundry-hazmat Hyphy Gorgonzola, Clitoris Booster Shot Show Tunes, Supernatural AM Radio Transmissions, Drum n' Bass On Methamphetamine, Keta-Drone, Lysergic Turntable-ism, Maximum Discomfort, Spiritual De-Pantsing, Rigorous Mental Questioning, Hallucinogenic 8-Bit/16-Bit/Chip/Glitch Deformities, Improv, Post-Breakcore, Post-Industrial, IDM, Ghetto-tech, Tape Manipulations, Cut-Up Audio Nightmare Recreations, Forbidden Pre-teen Fascinations, Ebony Pornography Obsessions, Authentic Mexican Restaurant Addictions, Duct Tape/Broken VHS Tape Mutilation, Frantic Blow-up Doll Destruction, Unnecessary Panic, Heart Attack Speed Thrust, Rusty Knife Wielding Eccentric Masturbation, LSD Laced Childhood Flashbacks, Supernatural OUIJA Freak Outs, Shamanistic Ketamine Blackouts, Ritualistic Bukkake Ceremonies, OG Owl Shift Hustlin', Chopped & Screwed Grindcore, Cross-Dressing Nomadic Pee-Pee Noise, 24/7 Norwegian Black Metal Tributes, Prostitute Pop Poop Sound Collage, Sonic Queso Drenched Neo Arabic/Russian Hardcore, Post-Apocalyptic Ghetto Warfare, German PK380 Recollections, Warped Delirious Tropical Free Jazz/Cannibalism, Outsider Trash Art, Deteriorating Psilocybin Sojourns, Lo-Fi Garbage Picking! Knives/Hatchets, Bones, AM Radios, Fruit (Buddha s Paw), Hacksaw, Fans, Duct Tape, Boss DD-6 Delay, Boss Digital Delay DD-3 Pedal, Piezo Pick Ups, Vacuums, Bondage Rope, Ion TT USB Turntables, Boss Metal Zone MT-2 Pedal, Super NES, Found Sounds, Micro Cassette Player, Peavy 4 String Bass Guitar, Blow Up Dolls, Pre-Teen Clothing, Bandanas, Raincoats, Mexican Frankeies. Old Video Games From Atari, Nintendo, And Sega. The 90's. My Grandma's Old Dusty Piano. Faces Of Death. Snuff Films. Japan. Russia. Cannibalism. Rape. Torture. Political Scandals. Pizza. Hip Hop. Psychedelia. Entheogens. Gangbangs. Robberies. Homicide. Homosexuality. Incest. Candy. Bukkake. Needles. Cats. Pornography. Local Music Scenes. Oakland, CA. San Francisco, CA. Chicago, IL. Denver, CO. Mountains. Deserts. Rain Forests. Snow. Ice. Weather Patterns. Birds. Sea Creatures. Oceans. Lakes. DIY Ethics. Smugglers. Computers. Electronics. Weapons. Corrupt Government and Police. The War On Drugs. Culture. Art. Riots. Germs. Women. Fashion Shows. Pregnancy. Germany. Norway. Lebanon. The Arab World. Hashish. Raw Meat. Amtrak. Prostitutes. Food. Survival. Nymphomania. Voyeurism. Bondage. Rope. Hair. Teeth. Bone. Skin. Blood. Semen. Trash. Garbage Dumps. Talk Radio. Hormones. The Human Body. Puberty. Litter Boxes. Urine. Gasoline. Oil Spills. Kidney Stones. Fast Food. Sexual Humiliation. Commercial Music. Freedom of Speech. Earthquakes. Volcanoes. Tornados. Anatomy. Ignorance. Urban Spelunking. False Media Coverage. Vocabulary. Planets. Dinosaurs. Extra Terrestrial Life. Revolution. Illness. Disease. Chemical Factories. Plants. Earth. Space. Natural Disaster. Extinction.

"Dental Work has been compared to a kitty litter infested heated noise garbage dump with a continuous shamanistic television playing psuedo-religious and Italian rape scenes; A sonic chastity blast/flask is administered just before you are served a massive poisoned rat dumpling to aid in mental re-construction. You must wash the canals of your spaghetti like brain matter in preperation for Dental Work's mechanical pigeon dildo seance. High pressure delayed Ouija board manipulations merged with lo-fi , ritualistic AM radio telepathy, unhealthy turntable modification and an array of urethra knives conveniently located within the anal salsa of humanity."

-Placenta Recordings - Traverse City, MI

"Blast hiss to throat hop oscillator of broken drilling turntable corn stalk ear sodomy from nomadic noiser and performance painter of all things strange and wrong, Dental Work. A fifty four minute cut up madness using all that are not an instrumentalist's dream. This guy is the triple six of the midwesterners. Not to be crossed. A must have for fans of Realicide, Sobotnik, and depression..."

-Ratskin Records - Oakland, CA (Press release for "Rostov's Breakthrough...")

"AHHHHHHHHHH! Hey, it wouldn't be a noise column without a shout out to a tiny prolific label big on fucked-up porn collage cover art and harsh headfucking lunacy, right? Right. That's where Placenta Recordings comes in and mainman Jay Watson s Dental Work project, and the four zillion releases and splits that he has vomited out in a few short years. This is for the ugly people. You know who you are. Perhaps start with the live Boron Nuzzle/Dental Work/Cock E.S.P. CD. That oughta hit the grimy spot. The list of collaborators on Jay's label is a who's - who of what the fuck, and decidedly not safe for work. You might even forget to GO to work after you listen to some of this shit. You've been warned."

- Scott Seward (Decibel Magazine #85)

Placenta Recordings:

Dental Work:

Crank Sturgeon:


Kawabata Makoto / Acid Mothers Temple:

Cock ESP: