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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dental Work @ MSF7 photo by Jordan Sunshine!

Sean, Justin, and Jay - Dental Work 2k16 photo by Jordan Sunshine! View the full Mental Spaghetti Fest 7 gallery she did right here:

Saturday, July 9, 2016

UNEARTHED from the Placenta Recordings archives: Dental Work - Feline AIDS Epidemic (Placenta Recordings #032 - 2008)!!! Official 2016 Re-Issue!

Dental Work - Feline AIDS Epidemic (Placenta Recordings #032 - 2008)

Reflections Of Evil is playing in the background, so it's kinda hard to write this description, but: 

This album was originally released as a mini 3" homemade CD-R with DIY printed/cut covers featuring crayon art by Sylvia S. in a hand numbered limited edition of 10 copies on Placenta Recordings. Recently uncovered from the Dental Work archives, it is a must that it made it to digital form. We even added in a few "bonus pics". Enjoy those. 

The music was performed, recorded, edited, composed, and written by Jay Watson in 2008 while living in a friend's basement right behind the local hospital in Frankfort, Michigan, and finished at the infamous "Birth Canal" studio between Elberta and Arcadia, Michigan The sound is an odd mutation of lo-fi live instrumentation, LSD and Speed influenced Breakcore/Ghettotech, Harsh Noise, and glitchy sample obsessed Sound Collage on this particular album themed towards cats. This was right before going on probation. Listening to mostly Grind and 90's Gangsta Rap, smoking a ton of weed and experimenting with sounds that no one was touching in the small "pinky" of Michigan.

Instrumentation: Yamaha Portasound Keyboard, Peavy 4-String Bass, Boss DD-3 Delay, Boss Metal-Zone Distortion, Glass Pipes, Marijuana, iOn Turntable, Harmonicas, Magix 8 

Guests who also performed on this release: Morgan Feger, 8-Bit Jellyfish, and Olivia S. 

This album is dedicated to: Rostov, Melvin, Weenis, GG, Chub, The Boys, Malcolm, Eddy, Felix, Onyx, and Minny. 


tags: abstract alternative avant-garde breakcore chiptune experimental ghettotech hip-hop lo-fi noise noisecore placenta recordings psychedelic punk vaporwave Detroit