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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Various Artists: FEEL! ANSELMO! International Grind​/​Noise Compilation Anti​-​Phil Anselmo (VIAS NEGRAS - ECUADOR)

This compilation was made for the fun of hating Phil White supremacist Drunk Bully Pink Pantera Anselmo. Im very surprised and glad to have all these great bands/solo projects in this release!!! People from Ecuador, Indonesia, Slovakia, Canada, USA (yep, Texas present!) etc. Thanx a lot guys!!!!!!! 

And a big FUCK OFF to the permissive/conformist "extreme" musicians/noisers. FUCK all racism in music. FUCK PANTERA!!!!!!!!

Features: Dental Work "Pantera Pot Leaf Rebel Flag T-Shirt Wearin' Motherfucker" and many amazing acts like LO MAS BELLO, Skat Injector, Gas Station Of Love, Menso Noise, I Porno You, Hijos del Grind, and more!!!