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Monday, October 31, 2011

Dental Work - "Hashish & Raw Meat" album out now on UK's +Final Trauma Recordings+!

Dental Work - "Hashish & Raw Meat" album out now on the UK's +Final Trauma Recordings+

Contains rare/unreleased/live tracks unheard before this record, along with art by Jay Watson and a complete interview with Dental Work conducted by Keith @ FTR! Get it!

Download the whole album/interview/art in a .rar folder (just like a .zip folder:

Read the full interview here:

CD version coming soon!

+Final Trauma Recordings+

Underground Record Label Based In Newcastle, England. Extreme Electronics Available In Pro CD & Hand Made Limited Edition CD format. FINAL TRAUMA RECORDINGS Based in Newcastle/England, launched January 2010. High quality/hand made limited edition CD & PRO CD release. Plus, wav and 320.mp3 media-based download. All forms of extreme/experimental sound is welcome: Extreme Electronics, Harsh Analog Noise, Industrial, Experimental, Black/Dark Ambient, EBM, Ritual, Dark Classical, Spoken Word, Other. FTR is looking for new talent and established artists. Sadly Final Trauma can’t promise to release every request. This is due to whether or not the sound is right for the direction of the label. FINAL TRAUMA RECORDINGS is hosted by Keith Mitchell, also known as; INHIBITION / WHITE WALLS / DEUTSCHE CHRISTEN / UNIT 731


Стоматологические работы - Бри Mix Tape (Плацента Recordings / Snitch Carnitas Россия Импорт 2011)

Dental Work - Bri Mix Tape (Placenta Recordings/Snitch Carnitas Russian Imports 2011)

Стоматологические работы - Бри Mix Tape (Плацента Recordings / Snitch Carnitas Россия Импорт 2011)

طب الأسنان -- العمل بري الشريط ميكس (المشيمة تسجيلات / واش Carnitas الواردات الروسية 2011)

1. Side A
2. Side B

Digital download/Limited edition cassette available via Placenta Recordings! This is a mixtape of some DW classics/rarities that were available on various splits w/ Bubblegum Octopus, Actuary, Bonus Beast, and Nerfbau, and unheard segments from the unreleased bootleg "Cali4nia G1rlz". Collage art/design by Jay Watson. Model: Bri Mix (Used with permission!) Thanks to Bri Mix and the entire Placenta Family.

Download it for free here:

Buy the cassette:

Paypal (Visa, Mastercard, etc.):


Placenta Recordings
c/o Jay Watson
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Placenta Recordings/Dental Work in Decibel Magazine #85!

Placenta Recordings/Dental Work in Decibel Magazine #85!!!!!!! (November Issue)

Thank you Scott Seward/Decibel Magazine!
-Placenta Recordings

Label Of The Month Part 2:

“AHHHHHHHHHH! Hey, it wouldn’t be a noise column without a shout out to a tiny prolific label big on fucked-up porn collage cover art and harsh headfucking lunacy, right? Right. That’s where Placenta Recordings comes in and mainman Jay Watson’s Dental Work project, and the four zillion releases and splits that he has vomited out in a few short years. This is for the ugly people. You know who you are. Perhaps start with the live Boron Nuzzle/Dental Work/Cock E.S.P. CD. That oughta hit the grimy spot. The list of collaborators on Jay’s label is a who’s-who of what the fuck, and decidedly not safe for work. You might even forget to GO to work after you listen to some of this shit. You’ve been warned. If you send THIS dude money, he’ll probably include you on a new release. He’s up for anything. Recommended for cheap thrill seekers covered in homemade tattoos who wear their sisters used tampons for earrings.”

- Scott Seward (Decibel Magazine #85)



Click below to read the interview:

Direct link:


Monday, October 3, 2011

"The Pterodactyl Drug, Gift, and Vitamin Whore House" A graphic novel/soundtrack album by Jay Watson!

Placenta Recordings/Snitch Carnitas Russian Imports Presents:

"The Pterodactyl Drug, Gift, and Vitamin Whore House" (PR148.5/SCRI007)
A Graphic Novel/Soundtrack Album Combination by Jay P. Watson/Dental Work 2011
Story/Art/Sound by Jay Paul Watson aka Dental Work between 2010-2011.


(24 page full color hand printed/assembled by Jay Watson himself!)

Soundtrack Album:

1. Back In The Day/Chili Cheese Pancakes/Hyphy On The Blood Drum/VHS Handcuffs/Live @ WNUR FM Chicago/MERSA Omlette /Old English 800 Flea Bath Mix/Ratskin Brew Zoo/Doing Laundry With Crank/The Big Cop/Ghareeb Nawaz/Zabiha Halal/Live @ The Lab - San Francisco, CA/Live @ Elastic Arts - Chicago, IL

(Comes inside a clear slim dvd case, full color 2 panel artwork sleeve + tracklist insert, plain white disc w/ spray paint splatter/hand numbering/black cat stamp! This is a re-issue and contains previously unreleased live sets and bonus tracks!)

Dental Work on Facebook

Dental Work is Jay Paul Watson.

Special Thanks to:

My Parents, Friends, & Family, Ratskin Records, Love Earth Music, Norcal Noisefest, Lob, Eddy Pigentaro IV & Family, Striations, Basidiomycota, Sylvia Shawana, Dave Matheke, Sissisters & Family, +DOG+,The Placenta Family, Crank Sturgeon, Billy Sides, Grux/Godwaffle Noise Pancakes, The Lab, The Zoo, Elastic Arts, Revolution Cafe, Sol Collective Space, Luna's Cafe, Womenz O Crenshaw, Ethan & Meg, Charlie, Pam, and Drew Watson, The Cities and people Of Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mosca, Denver, Chicago, and Traverse City!

Words written @ The K-Hole in Traverse City, MI 2010
Sounds created @ The K-Hole in Traverse City, MI, Lewcid Joosebox in Oakland, CA, The Lab in San Francisco, CA, WNUR FM Studio, Elastic Arts, and Little India in Chicago, IL 2010 + Danger Garden in Traverse City, MI 2011
Art created @ Danger Garden in Traverse City, MI 2011

To order "The Pterodactyl Drug, Gift, and Vitamin Whore House" Book + CD-R please send $15 cash or money order to:

Placenta Recordings
c/o Jay Watson
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI

Paypal users:

Each order will receive free gifts from Placenta Recordings! (pins, stickers, patches, music, recycled pornography, etc.)

(Parental Advisory: Explicit Content. May not be suitable for children.)

Out Of Print/Free Download of Hujiko Pro + Dental Work - "Squid Life (Music For Sea Creatures)


Download it here:

Hujiko Pro + Dental Work - "Squid Life (Music For Sea Creatures" (PR035)

Out of print split album released by Placenta Recordings in 2009! Front cover art by Hujiko Pro, Back cover art by Jay Watson. Tracks 1-4 by Hujiko Pro, Tracks 5-6 by Dental Work.

Placenta Recordings #35 out of 148+