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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Placenta Recordings/Dental Work in Decibel Magazine #85!

Placenta Recordings/Dental Work in Decibel Magazine #85!!!!!!! (November Issue)

Thank you Scott Seward/Decibel Magazine!
-Placenta Recordings

Label Of The Month Part 2:

“AHHHHHHHHHH! Hey, it wouldn’t be a noise column without a shout out to a tiny prolific label big on fucked-up porn collage cover art and harsh headfucking lunacy, right? Right. That’s where Placenta Recordings comes in and mainman Jay Watson’s Dental Work project, and the four zillion releases and splits that he has vomited out in a few short years. This is for the ugly people. You know who you are. Perhaps start with the live Boron Nuzzle/Dental Work/Cock E.S.P. CD. That oughta hit the grimy spot. The list of collaborators on Jay’s label is a who’s-who of what the fuck, and decidedly not safe for work. You might even forget to GO to work after you listen to some of this shit. You’ve been warned. If you send THIS dude money, he’ll probably include you on a new release. He’s up for anything. Recommended for cheap thrill seekers covered in homemade tattoos who wear their sisters used tampons for earrings.”

- Scott Seward (Decibel Magazine #85)

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