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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dental Work - Death By Music (Placenta Recordings #418 - 2017) tape + download out now!

Dental Work - Death By Music (Placenta Recordings #418 - 2017)

Side A features new recordings made in Detroit, MI 2017 by Jay Watson and Sean Barry. 

"Death By Music" was constructed entirely out of field recordings taken in various areas of Detroit by Jay Watson. 

"Saturated Fats" is by Sean Barry, mixed and mastered by Jay Watson. 

Side B recorded live in Flint, MI 2015, unearthed and dusted off in 2017. 

Unheard and forgotten solo Dental Work performance by Jay Watson. 

Photography, art, and design by Jay Watson, 2017 

Cassette tape with full color labels and 2 sided JCARDS inside clear case. The tape features 2 bonus tracks that will not be available for online downloads. 

released December 19, 2017 

All rights reserved.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Dental Work "Rotting Fruit For Fresh Vegetables" triple cassette box set (Placenta Recordings #413 - 2017) available now!

Dental Work "Rotting Fruit For Fresh Vegetables" triple cassette box set (Placenta Recordings #413 - 2017) available now!

3 C-100 cassette tapes featuring 145 songs clocking in at 300 minutes. Excruciating bliss and madness reflecting inside the organized chaos of decompositions made by Jay Watson in the early years of Dental Work. 

Features material from the first wave of rare/out of print Dental Work EPs, singles, and split albums that were self released in extremely limited quantities between 2006-2009 on CD-R and cassette via Placenta Recordings. 

Book I: 

Mike Vick Raped by Pit bulls EP 
Trapped In A Well With Various Snakes And Reptiles EP 
16 Bit Asteroid Wreckage EP 
Ape Bile EP 
Citrus Eyeball (Music For Mountain Goats) 
Feline AIDS Epidemic (The Cat's Album 

Book II: 

Split w/ Evil Robot Ted 
Split w/ Kinky Cinch "Rapid HIV Testing" 
Split w/ RedSK "Excessive Methamphetamine Paranoia And Skin Bugs" 
Split w/ Endometrium Cuntplow "False Teeth And Wigs" 
Split w/ Fotzenkrampf 

Book III: 

Split w/ Ladies! Disaster! 
Split w/ Istituzioni Ambiente Naturalismo "Comfort Zones Are Often Expanded Through Discomfort" 
Split w/ Intestinal Disgorge "Home Alone" 
Split w/ Kessenchu 
Split w/ Xrin Arms "Full Circles" 

Each box set will contain unique gifts hand selected from Jay Watson's childhood collection and a personalized letter of apology from Jay Watson himself. 

This will be released in an extremely limited edition of 8 box sets ONLY. Once they are gone, they will rot forever. 

Music and art by Jay Watson 2007-2017 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Dental Work - Ashley Is A Noise Artist (Placenta Recordings #410 - 2017)

Dental Work - Ashley Is A Noise Artist (Placenta Recordings #410 - 2017)


Featuring AxSx, Rostov, Sean Barry, Justin Lee Smith 

Dental Work are an extreme underground noise collective started by Jay Watson in 2007. They’re presently a trio consisting of Watson, Justin Lee Smith and Sean Barry, and they describe themselves as a “sound and mind obliteration unit“, taking in elements of noise, psychedelic, breakcore, industrial, screwed & chopped and musique concrete. - The Wire Magazine

released September 30, 2017 

Mixed and composed by Jay Watson August 2017

Art by Jay Watson

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


H.V.R.F. CENTRAL COMMAND of Pryp'Yat', Ukraine presents:


Featuring: Dental Work & A.S. "Broken Land, Broken Flag, etc." along with many great artists like PZA, Eric Stratos, C Money Burns, and many more!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bullshit Market & Dental Work - Split Tape (Placenta Recordings #406 + Trashfuck Records 2017)

Bullshit Market & Dental Work - Straight Banana / Live At Midwest Harshfest 3 (Split Tape) (Placenta Recordings #406 + Trashfuck Records 2017)

Available here:

and here:


Bullshit Market and Dental Work finally teamed up for a proper split tape. If you've done your homework, you would know that Patrick Harsh and Jay Watson have been working together or the better part of the last decade, releasing and co-releasing albums and splits as RedSK and Dental Work on their respective labels Trashfuck Records and Placenta Recordings. Years passed, some fat was trimmed, and they are back in 2017 with a bond and code stronger than ever. These 2 labels remain the stronghold of Detroit/Michigan/Midwest/International experimental, harsh noise, and no fucks given music and art and are proud to drop this splat of sound into the internet/world, finally, together. Added to the equation are Caleb Voronwe and Matt Luczak on the BxMx side, along with Sean Barry and Justin Lee Smith on the DW side! 

Art collab by Jay Watson and Patrick Harsh.


PURPURA / Dental Work split tape out now!!!

PURPURA / Dental Work - Split (Placenta Recordings #405 - 2017) 


1. PURPURA - Live @ (((ex-klubi))) 
2. Dental Work - Speaking In Tongues (Featuring A.S. & Rostov) 
3. Dental Work - Broken Mirrors

PURPURA live at (((ex-klubi))) Improvisation und Noise Nacht in Zureich the 16th of February 2017. 

PURPURA is Andrea Nucamendi (Chiapas, Mexico/Geneva Switzerland): 

@chaoticbehaviors (Instagram) 

Dental Work recorded/edited in Detroit, MI 

"Dental Work are an extreme underground noise collective started by Jay Watson in 2007. They’re presently a trio consisting of Watson, Justin Lee Smith and Sean Barry, and they describe themselves as a “sound and mind obliteration unit“, taking in elements of noise, psychedelic, breakcore, industrial, screwed & chopped and musique concrete." - The Wire Magazine 

Placenta Recordings (Jay Watson) (Detroit, MI) 


TUMBLR: placentarecordings 
SNAPCHAT: placentarec

Art by Andrea Nucamendi


Dental Work news: 

New releases out now: Agoraphobic Nosebleed​ vs. Dental Work "ANbRX Pharmaceuticals 3" (CD/digital) (Placenta Recordings​), PURPURA​ + Dental Work "split tape" (Cassette/digital), Bullshit Market​ & Dental Work "Straight Banana/Live @ Midwest Harshfest" (Cassette/digital) (Placenta Recordings / TRASHFUCK Records​), Dental Work & yeongrak​ "split" (Cassette/digital), Dental Work "Bruise Me" triple c60 (Cassette/digital), and Dental Work "Live Vol. 2" (Cassette) Crass Lips Records​ (Miami, FL) ⚠️

Promos have recently been sent to our comrades at: Decibel Magazine​, Maximum Rocknroll​, PORK Magazine​, Crucial Blast​, and Relapse Records​.

Coming soon: Dental Work "Lost And Drowned: The Remixes" featuring Safoh​, Khrysalis​, Andrew Bunny, etc., Dental Work "Burn Me" triple c60 cassette bundle, Dental Work "Revenge On A Businessman", Arcano18/Dental Work and friends split tape Vías Negras​ #Ecuador, Dental Work "Ashley Is A Noise Artist", Dental Work "Flint Classixxx" Dental Work "Haunt", and more! 

We will be featured on upcoming compilations from Hardvapour Resistance Front (Ukraine), and The Placenta Family Tree Volume 13 alongside artists like 7 Mile Clee, Team Eastside D-Nice, The Camusov​, MensVreters​, BAD MIND​, Tommy Wright, III​, Crab Sound​, Los Viejos​, Woodhull​, Goh Lee Kwang​, and many more! 

We were featured on the massive benefit compilation "Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse" from Oakland, CA powerhouse RATSKIN  Records.​ which is helping with donations to St James Infirmary​, Black Lives Matter​, and the Immediate Oakland Fire Releif for our loved ones lost in the Ghostship fire ❤️ with acts like DJ Spooky​, Wolf Eyes​, Crank Sturgeon​, GX Jupitter-Larsen​, Negativland​, dilatedears, Government Alpha​, Aaron Dilloway​, Bonus Beast, Clipping.​, and more!!!

In the works:

Daisy Berkowitz​ (ex Marilyn Manson​) + Dental Work collaboration album, Methlab Explosion​ / Dental Work split tape, Farting Corpse​ / Dental Work split tape (Pickle Dick Records), Frataxin​ / Dental Work "split", Hepatic Attack​ / Dental Work "split", Dental Work t-shirts, and more TBA!

We are also writing the storyline and script for the upcoming Dental Work comic book and underground fantasy/revenge/horror film! Joesph Sciamanna​ will be illustrating the comic, and Studio 8700​ will be assisting in the filming of the movie! Casting call will be announced this fall!!!

To book Dental Work for a live gig, do a split, a collaboration, a remix, want to release their material on your label, carry their titles in your distro/store or have any other inquiries: please contact Jay Watson at placentarecordings @ gmail . com 😸

In 2018 we will be passport ready and able to gig outside of the USA!!! It only took 10 years and 5 U.S. tours!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

V​:​/​A: ROGUE PULSE / GRAVITY COLLAPSE Benefit Compilation by Ratskin Records

V​:​/​A: ROGUE PULSE / GRAVITY COLLAPSE Benefit Compilation
by Ratskin Records


"Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse" is an artist edition release, produced by RATSKIN RECORDS imprint in direct response to the rapidly worsening, violent, political and philosophical conditions in our current state. All proceeds both physical and digital from all sales of "Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse" will be split between BLACK LIVES MATTER national chapter Bail Fund, THE OAKLAND IMMEDIATE FIRE RELIEF FUND, and ST. JAMES INFIRMARY in San Francisco, CA. 


"Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse" comes in the form of a ten (10) CD boxset, accompanied by a booklet, one off artist prints, and other media. A digital download will be included with the physical copy, which includes high quality images and scans of all media. The dense, physical housing of "Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse" reveals nearly twelve hours of esoteric sounds from a plethora of international producers, sound artists, bands, activists and all working in everything from noise, electro, trap, experimental electronics, industrial, esoteric metal, synthwave, musique concrete, field recordings, indigenous synthpunk, and many other electronic styles. Almost all of the compositions were produced specifically for this document, within a three month window of opportunity for the participating artists. This document serves both as a vast (yet obviously incomplete) document of contemporary and modern artists pushing the limits of esoteric, political, radical, and lucid strategies of sound, space and resistance as well as strives to create a dialogue around creating an alternative nexus of artist and musician solidarity through models bridging the gap between artistic documents and radical modes of resistance, fundraising, networking and solidarity. 

"Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse" is limited to an edition of 300 signed and numbered physical editions as well as 30 signed and numbered pre-order editions with bonus material. 
The cover art is designed by Los Angeles based artist LEXX VALDEZ. 
Interior Art / layout by Malocculsion with additional art from Gera Lozano and Adrian Saenz 

One artist edition box and slipcase 
10 discs of music housed in original art print sleeves 
16 page booklet with liner notes, writings, and credits 
One full color 5x7 limited edition print 
One photograph 
High quality download in choice of format, media and image files included 

One artist edition box and slipcase 
10 discs of music housed in original art print sleeves 
16 page booklet with liner notes, writings, and credits 
One full color 5x7 limited edition print 
One photograph 
Self defense weapon 
Pin set 
5 additional 5x7 art prints 
High quality download in choice of format, media and image files included 

RETAIL / ONLINE =$65 to pre order 
Thanks for taking the time to read this. We hope you can show solidarity with the project!

releases August 25, 2017 

“Rouge Pulse / Gravity Collapse” 

Aaron Dilloway
Ackamoor / Molina Duo
Ah Mer Ah Su
Albert Ortega
Amps For Christ 
Artificial Art Ensamble 
Arvo Zylo
ASYD Barrett
Beast Nest
Bgi Debbie
Black Quantum Futurism
Black Spirituals
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer 
Bob Bellerue
Bonus beast
Botched Facelift
Brian Tester
Ciarra Black 
Cloudland Canyon 
Conscious Summary
Coral Remains
Daisy World
Cyborg Eye
Daniel Menche
David Molina 
Dax Pierson 
Decide Today
Dental Work
Drew McDowell 
DJ Spooky 
Drew McDowall 
Earthbound w/ Shawna Shawnte Earth Rituals
Echo Beds
Endometrium Cuntplow 
False None 
Fletcher Pratt 
Forbidden Colors
Forced Into Femininity
Francisco Meirieno
Future Blondes
Gerritt Wittmer
Genital Quartz 
Government Alpha 
Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt 
Golden Donna
Green Ova Records 
Guellermo Galindo 
GX Jupitter Larsen 
Hisorsi Hosewega
How I Quit Crack
IDM theft able
Jasmine Infiniti
Jim Haynes
John Bender
Joshua Kit Clayton 
Lady Fair Cigarettes 
Le Mere
Laetitia Sonami
Lee Robinson 
Mac T Dog 
Malportado Kids
Marielle V. Jacobson
Matt Heckert 
Maya Songbird
Mental Jewlery 
Microscopic Suffering
Mitchell Brown 
Moor Mother
Mulva Myasis 
Murder Murder! 
No Babies 
Piano Rain
Planet B 
Pleasure 2
Pod Blotz 
Points Of Friction 
Real Life
Red Cellar
Relay For Death
Reverend Mother Flash 
Robert Turman 
Russell E.L. Butler 
San Cha
Sana Shenai 
Sango & Mingu
Say Bok Gwai 
Scorpion Warrior
Screw Machine
Slanted Square 
Skate Laws
Skin Graft
Sneax (ft. Le Tron + Obsidian Blade) 
Straight Crimes
Street Sects 
Studded Left
Sun Araw Trio 
Sugar In The Body
Sun Poisoning
Terror Apart
The Same
The Uhuruverse ft. Jupitter Black 
Thomas Dimuzio
To Live and Shave in LA
Tom Hall 
Tyler Holmes
Unsustainable Social Condition 
Victor Vankmen
Waxy Tomb
Witches of Malibu
Wizard Apprentice
Wolf Eyes 
Xiu Xiu
Younger Lovers
Young Lions 
Zanna Nera
Zeek Sheck

tags: electronic experimental metal trap electronica grind hip_hop industrial noise synthwave Oakland

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Agoraphobic Nosebleed vs. Dental Work - "ANbRX Pharmaceuticals 3" (Placenta Recordings #404 - 2017) CD/Download out now!!!

Agoraphobic Nosebleed vs. Dental Work - "ANbRX Pharmaceuticals 3" aka "ANBrx3" (Placenta Recordings #404 - 2017) 

Agoraphobic Nosebleed injected with Methamphetamine and dosed with pure LSD by Dental Work, chopped, screwed, tortured to death, de-composed, and fucked eternally. 

"Agoraphobic Nosebleed (abbreviated as ANb) is a grindcore band formed in 1994 in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States. Its line-up has changed often over the years, with guitarist and drum programmer Scott Hull being the only continuous member. The current line-up includes vocalists Jay Randall, Katherine Katz of Salome, and Richard Johnson of Enemy Soil and Drugs of Faith, who also plays bass guitar. Agoraphobic Nosebleed is one of the most well-known grindcore bands, and has influenced many..." 

"Dental Work are an extreme underground noise collective started by Jay Watson in 2007. They’re presently a trio consisting of Watson, Justin Lee Smith and Sean Barry, and they describe themselves as a “sound and mind obliteration unit“, taking in elements of noise, psychedelic, breakcore, industrial, screwed & chopped and musique concrete." - The Wire Magazine 

All music by Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Dental Work. 
Mixed by Jay Watson. 
Mastered by Sean Barry. 
Art by Jay Watson. Includes a photo of Ashley S., Luna Nokturna, Satanssadist and a DW photo taken by Shelby Renee Pritchard. 
Released with permission by Placenta Recordings. 

Placenta Recordings (Detroit, MI) 


TUMBLR: placentarecordings 
SNAPCHAT: placentarec

released July 4, 2017 

"I have been getting further and further into extreme music the majority of my life, which started with stuff like Eazy-E and Anthrax on cassette when I was around 5 years old. When I was 18 I was digging around the only cool record store in my hometown, and came across this double CD of a band called Agoraphobic Nosebleed. It was their album "PCP Torpedo" which was like 6 minutes of the fastest, noisiest, craziest fucking thing I had heard in my life, and the second disc was a remix disc with artists like Drokz/Tailz, Justin Broadrick, and Merzbow. This is where I was introduced to Grindcore and most importantly, Noise. I had delved into heavy shit during highschool, of course I had Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, and Esham laying around the house, but this was something REALLY fucking extreme. This album is partially responsible for inspiring me to start my label, and why I started making Noise as Dental Work. After I discovered this, I became addicted to ordering their other albums from Relapse Records, I remember doing work as a data entry specialist for a short period when I was around 20 and spending most of my work day browsing titles from their distro and ordering shit like "Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope" and old albums by The Meatshits. In 2012 I was in contact with Jay Randall, he released one of my Dental Work albums on his label Grindcore Karaoke, and the concept started brewing up...Now, 5 years in the making, "ANBrx3" is finally here. It has been an honor to work with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Jay Randall I appreciate you man! Scott Hull, Katherine Katz, Richard Johnson y'all rule! Also huge shout out/thank you to Sean Barry and Justin Lee Smith, my girl Ashley S., My parents, friends, cats, Decibel Magazine, Relapse Records, Grindcore Karaoke, and the entire Placenta Recordings family. Full motherfucking circle! We appreciate all of the love and support over the years". - Jay Watson, Dental Work/Placenta Recordings

tags: #agoraphobicnosebleed #alternative #avantgarde #breakcore #cybergrind #deathmetal #experimental #grindcore #hardcore #hardvapour #metal #noise #noisecore #psychedelic #punk #thrash #Detroit #Michigan #Springfield #Massachusetts

Friday, June 30, 2017

Dental Work "Live @ Midwest Harshfest 3" Sanctuary, Detroit, MI video by Brent Gunn.

Thanks Brent Gunn for this archival footage :)

Dental Work "Live @ Midwest Harshfest 3" Sanctuary, Detroit, MI 6/24/17 video by Brent Gunn:

Monday, June 5, 2017

Dental Work & yeongrak - Split tape (Placenta Recordings #401 - 2017) out now!!!

Dental Work & yeongrak - Split tape (Placenta Recordings #401 - 2017)


SIde A by Dental Work (Detroit, MI) 

Track 1 by Jay Watson 
Track 2 by Jay Watson, Justin Lee Smith 
Track 3 by Jay Watson 
Track 4 by Jay Watson, Justin Lee Smith, and Sean Barry 

"Dental Work are an extreme underground noise collective started by Jay Watson in 2007. They’re presently a trio consisting of Watson, Justin Lee Smith and Sean Barry, and they describe themselves as a “sound and mind obliteration unit“, taking in elements of noise, psychedelic, breakcore, industrial, screwed & chopped and musique concrete." - The Wire Magazine 

Side B by yeongrak (Christchurch, New Zealand) 

"Bedroom producer Yeongrak (pronounced yong-rak) was the subject of a Bite feature by Shane Woolman in The Wire 390. Immersed in the worldwide online music community, the digital noise artist makes music at home in Christchurch, New Zealand. While browsing through YouTube, Yeongrak discovered the Digital Hardcore label. “At the time I was really into breakcore and I found the video to “Sweat” by Shizuo and loved it,” Yeongrak told Shane. “Shizuo is my all time favourite but I was also pretty into Bomb 20, EC8OR, Patric Catani and Hanin Elias. 

“I think I’m just fascinated with gross stuff,” Yeongrak continued. “I’d been wanting to make music that made people grossed out or uncomfortable for a while. I think those body noises, along with a really amateur and poorly constructed sound, give it a creepy vibe. That’s what I’m trying to do.” - The Wire Magazine

Album art by Jay Watson 

Placenta Recordings (Detroit, MI) 


TUMBLR: placentarecordings 
SNAPCHAT: placentarec

tags: acid alternative avant-garde breakcore christchurch experimental hardvapour new zealand noise noisecore psychedelic punk techno vaporwave world Detroit

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dental Work - Bruise Me (B​-​Sides​/​Rarities) (3 Tapes) (Placenta Recordings #400 - 2017)

Dental Work - Bruise Me (B​-​Sides​/​Rarities) (3 Tapes) (Placenta Recordings #400 - 2017)


This is a collection of rarities, b-sides, and unreleased material from Dental Work spanning the last 10 years. Released as a triple c60 cassette bundle from Placenta Recordings in 2017. 

Take a glimpse into the terrifying world of Dental Work. Merging broken fantasy with harsh reality since 2007. 

"Dental Work was a quiet boy. A lost soul. As a teen he was an amateur chemist living in the industrial decay of Detroit, Michigan who enjoyed setting things on fire, cooking up new kinds of drugs to experiment with, and spending time with cats. Time caught up and removed his human brain and teeth. As a man, a life of prison, pornography obsession, drug abuse, gambling, prostitutes and confusion led to unavoidable death, but something snapped in the process and resulted in a change in format to what we know as the "afterlife". The spirit made changes to the ground where the burial took place. All that was left on the tomb was a yellow raincoat. California gave him a home. There was some new sense of alien telepathy and ESP. Arms were the agenda. Weapons of choice included a rusted hatchet, a working man's hammer, pink rope, yellow duct-tape, and teeth of a vampire sharp as a razor being used to cut lines of cocaine. Revenge and pseudo-justice was his intention with this new "beginning" that was granted. His victims were those that preyed on the weak. Dental Work collect's the souls of the ones who torture, abuse, rape, discriminate, harass, and murder in cold blood. He is a whipping boy for all who have suffered a violent or sexual crime...He protects animals, women, children, even men and all of their innocence, forever. The dark souls give energy to him, which is recycled into positive wave lengths and distributed into the world through sound and vision. He recognizes beauty in darkness, and darkness in all beauty. The sense of humor he embraces reflects when he is taking the lives of the evil ones. Rumor has it a vial of LSD was splashed on a corrupt priest who abused children as "holy water". A corporate businessman was hung with his own tie for making an employee perform felatio on him to get hired in. A policeman was handcuffed and raped to death with his billy club for raping a local teen. A nun was bitten to death and died of blood loss for allowing activities to happen in her church, even though she didn't participate. Her blood was used as a mock Satanic ritual as a final goodbye, even though Dental Work knows that all religion is just mind control. One of the men he took away from this world was a snitch, whom was turned into delicious carnitas that was fed to a wild pack of hogs. He barbequed a Korean pimp live for committing crimes of human traffic, exploiting women and turning them to a life of human slavery. Dental Work had a good soul, he was just misunderstood, so decided to take matters into his own hands beyond the grave and use his violent urges for good and not evil...Dental Work is dead, but lives it up. All of the dead girls and boys look up to him...When he returns to the Danger Garden everyone is waiting to hear the new tales of space travel, asteroid wreckage, ghetto chemistry, the harsh noise of revenge, and the views of the sunset through cemetery trees. His hobbies include: cooking human garbage. Personal crime scene photography, bondage mail art, intergalactic travel, alien mind expansion, feeding from atrocities, and looking out for the underdogs of planet earth. Since his death in earth year 2007, thousands of post-mortem revenge tactics have been premeditated, and now in 2017 there are a few rare souls who have been resurrected by interstellar voodoo and black magic to join Dental Work on his mission in death." 

Comic book + horror movie coming soon, bitch.

All music destroyed and recreated by Jay Watson 2007-2017. 

Art by Jay Watson. 

Short story by Jay Watson. 

Organized, compiled, archived, and released by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings. 

Recorded in: 

Frankfort, MI 
Traverse City, MI 
Lansing, MI 
Flint, MI 
Detroit, MI 
Chicago, IL 
Oakland, CA

Instruments used: Knives, Hatchets, Bones, AM Radios, Fruit (Buddah's Paw), Hacksaw, Fans, Duct Tape, Percussion De Grizelda (DIY instrument I made), Boss DD-6 Delay, Boss Digital Delay DD-3 Pedal, Contact Mics, Ion TT USB Turntables, Boss Metal Zone MT-2 Pedal, Super NES, Found Sounds, Micro Casette Player, Peavy 4 String Bass Guitar, Blow Up Dolls, Pre-Teen Clothing, Bandanas, Raincoats, Mexican Frankenstein Masks, First Act Microphones, Magix Audio Studio 10 Deluxe, Magix MIDI 10, FC Twin,Boss Dr. Rythm DR-3 Drum Machine, Whistles, Nintendo GameBoy Pocket, Mario Paint, Chop Sticks, Webbed Car Parts, Combat Boots, Loving Lamb, Old Video Tapes, Cardboard, A Box Of Cereal, Toshiba Satellite Laptop, Behringer Eurorack MX 602A, Magix 15, Nintendo 64, PS2, Dell Pentium 4 Desktop CPU, Oujia Board, A Pair Of Little Girls Shoes, Sony PS-LX250H Turntable, Dennon DRA-275R Amp, Dennon DCD-695, Tredex TX-3000 DVD Player, Old Movies, Records, Samples, Voices, Foreign Language Books On Tape, Video Games, A Switchblade, Super Mario Effects Keychain, Wigs, Duck Calls, Mini-skirts, Weird Toys from the 80's and 90's, Yamaha Portasound PCS-500 Keyboard, Casio CTK-519 Keyboard, Paint Markers, Crate BX-15 Amp, Peavy KB 15 Amp,Peavy 8 Channel Mixer, Famitracker, Atomix, Pornography, Flarp! Noise Putty, My Genitalia, A Coffee Grinder, 4 Piece Dental Pick And Hook Set, Kittendorf Piezo Transducers, Kittendorf Square, Cotton Candy Perfume, A Pink Dildo.

Shout out/respect to: Ashley Suluk, My parents, My family, Rostov, Melvin, Justin Lee Smith, Sean Barry, Micheal Daddona, Jsun McCarthy, Ryan King, Ratskin Records, Patrick Doyle, Trashfuck Records, William Olter, Aaron Midcalf, Daryl Fraser, Cody Moncaeux, TRU CRU, Dave Matheke, Robert Pepper, Alrealon Musique, Tom Kittendorf, Placenta Recordings family, The Wire Magazine, Decibel Magazine, Crass Lips Rec, Antifur, Hard Vapour Resistance Front, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Norcal Noisefest, Lob, Kristi Miller, Xrin Arms, systemofadon, crochetcatpause, McCarthy's Pub, Denver Noise Fest, SAFOH, Wirephobia, Doc Colony, Studio 8700, William Sides, Christopher Will, Travis Jarosz, Markus Drescher, DJ California Crisis, PURPURA, Matthew Morden, Team Eastside D-Nice, 7 Mile Clee, Kris Smith, Morgan Feger, Ben Ruggles, Marlo Eggplant, +DOG+, Love Earth Music, Crank Sturgeon, Hello Records, WZRD FM, KFJC FM, WNMC FM, Kawabata Makoto, Experi-MENTAL Fest, The Silent Barn, The Sanctuary, The Precinct, Midwest Harshfest, Dadaist Audio, Grindcore Karaoke, and all of the people/labels/magazines/blogs/radio stations/artists/bands/venues/record stores who have shown love to Dental Work since the project started in 2007. You are appreciated! 

R.I.P. Jsun McCarthy 
R.I.P. Uncle Charlie 

Placenta Recordings (Detroit, MI) 


TUMBLR: placentarecordings 
SNAPCHAT: placentarec

tags: #alternative #ambient #avantgarde #breakcore #darkambient #deathindustrial #experimental #grindcore #hardvapour #harshnoise #horror #soundtracks #horrormovie #noise #noisecore #placentarecordings #postindustrial #powerelectronics #psychedelic #punk #hardcore #world #Detroit #Michigan

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Midwest Harshfest 3!!!

Midwest Harshfest 3

June 23/24th 2017 @ Sanctuary - Detroit, MI


Cock E.S.P.
Crank Sturgeon
Clang Quartet
Waves Crashing Piano Chords
Methlab Explosion
Bullshit Market
Narco Alms
Dendera Bloodbath
Matt Luczak
Tape Monster
Dental Work
Vitriol Gauge
Fuck, Bud!
Endless Chasm
Resin Tooth
Drew Denton
Garbage Mask
Hades Mining Co
Odd Little Fucks
Vanity Project
This Is Not Okay
Chip Lionel
Beggin For Oxys
Hypnic Jerk
God Of Gaps
Whitey Alabastard
Scab Addict
The Cambodian Heat
Farting Corpse
Fat Man And Little Boy

Get the compilation here: 

You can help us raise funds to better care for the performing artists by clicking here:

Sunday, April 9, 2017

April 2017 shows!


April 18, 2017 @ Phoney Island

Period Bomb (Miami, FL) // pop rocks and soda

Dental Work (Detroit, MI) // chewing rusted metal

The Stasis // boots on concrete

SAKÉ MOM // iridescent dendrites 


For address, please visit the sponsor's company website:

Call 877-577-BOOM for any questions, cumplaints or cuntcerns. 

100% Definite Satisfaction Distraction.


April 22, 2017 @ Studio 8700



Dental Work
The Sir & Baby Show
Kriss Gaynes
Champions of Breakfast

Cover charge: $7
Refreshments will be available.