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Friday, May 13, 2011

Dental Work - "K Chai Flan And Z Lysergic Supremas" The Album!

Dental Work - "K Chai Flan And Z Lysergic Supremas"

The Album!

Available now from Placenta Recordings!

Placenta'a 126th release captures DW's live performance during his 3rd U.S. tour, the "K Chai Flan And Z Lysergic Supremas Tour". Recordings from the infamous shows in Lansing, MI, Chicago, IL, Oakland, CA, San Francisco, CA, and Denver, CO have been salvaged to create this unique historical document!

Over 35 minutes of Jay Watson's sado-masochistic delivery of maximum discomfort and anxiety, intertwined with spiritual de-pantsing, rigorous mental questioning, forbidden pre-teen fascinations , ebony pornography obsessions, authentic mexican restaurant addictions, duct tape/broken vhs tape mutilation, frantic blow-up doll destruction, unneccesary panic, heart attack speed turntable thrust, rusty knife weilding eccentric masturbation, LSD laced childhood flashbacks, supernatural OUIJA freakouts, Shamanistic Ketamine Blackouts, Bukakke Ritualistic Ceremonies, OG owl shift hustlin', chopped & screwed grindcore, cross-dressing nomadic pee-pee noise, prostitute pop poop and more!

Are you confused yet?

Order a copy NOW! $5 Each, comes with free stickers, a tour poster, and random semen stained pornography!

Limited 100 copies, hand numbered and stamped! Comes in a clear slim dvd cas w/ spray paint splatter inside!

Cash and money order only (made out to Jay Watson)

Placenta Recordings
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI

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