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Sunday, July 17, 2011

RedSK, Dental Work, and +DOG+ have new albums out now on Placenta Recordings!

Placenta Recordings is extremely happy to announce the release of 3 new albums in our ever growing catalog!

PR#136: RedSK “Juxt Glltichtz”

36 broken glitches of culture by Detroit, MI’s most hated on noise artist Patrick Doyle aka RedSK. Recorded between 2007-2010 in TRASHFUCK studio, with extreme/awesome titles like “Snitches Get Glitches”, “Special K Party Gone Bad”, and even a remix of Dental Work’s “Halloqueen”. This is a must have for all fans of Noise, Breakcore, Glitch, Drugs, Sex, RedSK, Trashfuck, and Placenta Recordings. Art by Jay Watson.

PR#137: Dental Work “Facebook Glory Hole/Teen Choice Awards”

1 stand alone piece by nomadic Arab-Russian-psych-noise-grind-gangsta Jay Watson, focusing on his obsessions with teenage gir1s and the loop-holes of social networking sites! Recorded at Danger Garden in Traverse City, MI using a broken turntable, a broken delay pedal, a contact mic, and a Tom Jones record! Art by Jay Watson.

PR#138: +DOG+ “Public Disgrace”

3 lessons of harsh noise by the Los Angeles, CA collective known as +DOG+. Steve Davis is the mastermind behind +DOG+, and also runs the amazing noise label “Love Earth Music”. This album was recorded in both Sacramento, CA and in LA and features 5 members: Ed, Bobby, Lob, Geordan, and Steve. Pick up this piece of extreme sound history for your collection! You will not be disappointed! Art by Jay Watson.

$6 each or get all 3 albums for $15!
Labels/Distros get a special rate of $4 each for ordering bulk (10+ copies)

Send your order and payment to:

Placenta Recordings
c/o Jay Watson
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI


U.S. orders - Cash or Moneygram (made out to: Jay Watson)
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