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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crochetcatpause CD release show review + pics + video of Dental Work from the evening!

The Crochetcatpause CD release show was an absolutely incredible evening full of some of the best debauchery, nudity, friendly violence, whiskey chugging, blunt passing, tittie shaking, piss soaked basement excitement and Placenta Family unity I have felt in a minute, all in the heart of Detroit, MI's decaying east side, south east of 7 Mile Rd./Gratiot Ave.! Much love to EVERYONE who came out and got nasty with us! Mad respect to The Halfway House, Maxxwell, Crochetcatpause, Free Love Association, Krysti Miller, Kevin Unger, Doc Colony/Crew, Watabou, Barbeque, Lil Dom, Gino/Zack/Bruxism, RedSK, Lady Cumdumpster, Teh Soup Rebellion, Dayna, Bailout, Tell All Your Friends, The girl in the "Goosebumps" tank top, and especially the people who drove all the way from Pittsburgh to see this spectacle take place! - Jay Watson, Dental Work/Placenta Recordings

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