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Monday, October 8, 2012

CODE NAME: DRACULA @ 1018 Warehouse - Detroit, MI 10/27/12

The brains behind ULTRA MEGA AWESOME EXTREME and LIONCOOLMAN have teamed up to bring you CODE NAME: DRACULA, which promises to be one of the wildest (and weirdest) Halloween parties you'll ever attend.

12 insane (local and touring) live acts on two stages!

Transformed space, performance art & video projections of your favorite vampire classics.

CODE NAME: DRACULA will be held at Warehouse 1018, which is located at:
1018 Canton St
Detroit, MI 48207
Here's a map:


Doors are at 8:00pm.
Things will get weird promptly at 9pm.

$3-7 (sliding scale)
Pay what you think it's worth.

21+ to drink (BYOB)


Here's the lineup:

Aaron Gross (Detroit, MI) []

Aaron Gross is a 'ghoulish' riot grrrl inspired noise punk band formed in 2011.
Since then, they've been wreaking havoc across metro Detroit.
You'll be transported to a place of angst and pure punx.

Allison Hetter (Ann Arbor, MI)

Allison Hetter is a Michigan-based artist who studied at UArts and SAIC.
Her work/background is in fibers/textiles, printmaking, painting, drawing, fashion and any combination of the aforementioned.
With her love of old grindhouse movies, the bizarre and feminist ideals she aims to make something outside of the box of "Burlesque".
In her debut performance, she will make a bloody good mess on stage.

Aparition (Ypsilanti, MI) []

Aparition's sinuous, crepuscular music exists in the shadows cast by classic IDM and electronica.
With album releases on Aural Sects and Raveyard, Aparition navigates between spectral, hallucinatory synth-pop and shoegaze, and brutal, bone-shredding industrial beats and noise.

Bubblegum Octopus (Verona, NJ) []

Bubblegum Octopus is a frantic, progressive hybrid of bouncy, cutesy pico-pico and synth-pop, grinding and noisey freakouts, 8 and 16-bit video game style electronics, touches of dance music, and IDM/breakcore style percussion mutilation.
Ordinarily one man having a colorful, musical panic attack, the project will be aided by a drummer and guitarist, marking the first (and possibly last) time the project will exist as a "band".

Crochetcatpause (Detroit, MI) []

Crochetcatpause is an electro janky junk punk act from metropolitan Detroit, MI.
Some people don’t like to get to close to them when they perform because their swagger is a little unconventional, but those who do usually have a good time.

Dead Church (Detroit, MI) []

Started in the early cycles of 2012; Drawing influences from everything from Grindcore, Power Violence, Death Metal, Hardcore and beyond - Dead Church is the embodiment of hatred in the musical form.
Featuring ex and current members of Rose Funeral, Sender Receiver and Signs of Hope.

Dental Work (Traverse City, MI) [http://dentalworknoise.blogspot/]

Dental Work is an avant-garde sound & performance art manipulation project by Jay Watson, based out of Traverse City, MI with roots in Detroit, Chicago, Denver, and Oakland, CA.
The music is a rare blend of musique concrete, extreme psychedelia, anxiety, experimental, harsh noise, tape manipulations, glitch, grindcore, turntable-ism, sound collage, found sounds, avant-garde, and outsider trash art.

Michael Mars & the God Particle (Detroit, MI) []

In the beginning there was darkness.
From this darkness an idea was born.
Within an instant upon thinking of this idea, there was a flash. Bang!!!
Within this flash there came light, (but still some darkness was present).
An idea of sound, a new way.
From these submatronic particles a band materialized...

Nikola Whallon (Ann Arbor, MI) []

In the year 199x, Nikola was born of two dragons into the age of the SNES. His love of SNES, N64, and Gameboy music would have such a great impact on the child's life that when he came of age, these feelings of love and nostalgia would fuse and give birth to music that has the power to bring out the child in anyone.
From classic video game music to modern pop, his Gameboy knows no bounds, and loves to party on the dance floor.

Tell All Your Friends! (Detroit, MI) []

Tell All Your Friends! is the drunk, disorderly, orderly, thrash, pop, punk rock.
Guitar, bass, and drums.
Crack a beer and get rowdy!

Trabajabamos (Ann Arbor, MI) []

Trabajabamos was forged completely at random as a part of the annual 'Mystery Band' extravaganza two years ago.
Miraculously, they're still thrilling audiences with their raw sexuality, uncontrollably danceable beats, and the most handsome drummer in the midwest. They'll make you want to quit your job and make a career of rocking out to their songs!

Ultra Death Men (Verona, NJ) []

Ultra Death Men began in 2008 as a four piece free jazz ensemble.
They slowly discarded the lack of structure after their reformation as a three piece, in favor of meticulous, high energy, proggy math-punk, lovingly tasteless no-wave dance jazz, and an abundance of compositional humor.
The band is three skinny, food-loving music teachers, playing five instruments.
As of this moment, the instruments have not expressed an opinion on food.

Watabou (Ann Arbor, MI) []

Watabou is the solo electronic project from the mind of multi-instrumentalist Travis Jarosz.
With his blend of intelligence and raw power, Watabou aims to evoke the emotions of any audience to the utmost, be it through intensive melodies, driving rhythms, powerful words, or any other number of qualities attributed to the act.

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