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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tooth_Eye - Consumerist Anxiety EP (We Work Together) featuring Dental Work and more!

Tooth_Eye - Consumerist Anxiety EP (We Work Together) an album from early 2011 featuring Dental Work Little Mack Insideout028 That Horrible Red Ruler and others. Breakcore and NOISE

1. we're animal blood and cum (feat. insideout028 and that horrible red ruler) 03:03

2. rigby remuk (inhaled by Little Mack) 02:13
3. never do harm to a cat in ulthar (tooth_eye remix of izfernor) 02:34
4. humanity is our downfall (i like animals. not people feat. tooth_eye) 02:41
5. dental work - abandoned hospital spahn ranch doritos mix (tooth_eye's rotting cavity remix) 04:04
6. AxSxPx - unlistenable the album (tooth_eye remix) 03:00
7. trying not to think about dying (mash up of Zebulon Kosted, Playing with Nuns, and Talib Azizz) 05:05
8. barabbas still lives in japan 05:05
9. family reunion (blood of the chiroptera) 03:48

A compilation of unreleased and compilation album tracks

released 01 January 2011
All art and music by Christopher Will aka Tooth_eye unless otherwise noted

tags: breakcore experimental sound collage breakcore digital hardcore insideout028 little mack noise plunderphonics rote armee rekordz that horrible red ruler tooth_eye Chicago

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