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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dental Work - LIVE VOL.1 (Placenta Recordings #336 - 2015) free download!!!

Dental Work - LIVE VOL.1 (Placenta Recordings #336 - 2015)

Dental Work - Live @ Watabou's Birthday Party - Ann Arbor, MI 2012* (Recorded by Morgan Feger)

Dental Work - Live @ The Halfway House - Detroit, MI 5-27-12* (Recorded by Tom Kittendorf)

Dental Work - Live @ Mental Spaghetti Fest #3 - The Property - Weldon Twp., MI 8-10-12*

Dental Work - Live @ Denver Noise Fest - Rhinoceropolis - Denver, CO 5-10-13*

Dental Work - Live @ The Hollow - Traverse City, MI - 8-9-13* (Recorded by Erika Escobar)

Dental Work - Live @ Leland City Club - Detroit, MI 11-29-13* (Recorded by Giovanni Settimo)

Dental Work - live @ Placenta Recordings 10th Anniversary - Mental Spaghetti Fest #6 - Detroit, MI 7-24-15*** (Recorded by Micheal Jerome)

Dental Work Live @ PJ's Lager House Detroit, MI 11-1-15** (Recorded by Ashley Kennedy)

Dental Work - Live @ Group Session - Tangent Gallery - Detroit, MI 11-7-15**** (Recorded by Ashley Kennedy)

* Jay Watson
** Jay Watson, Justin Lee Smith
*** Jay Watson, Justin Lee Smith, Sean Barry
**** Jay Watson, Justin Lee Smith, Sean Barry, wsg/ Nicholas Mancuso

Thank you: Justin Lee Smith, Sean Barry, Doc Colony, Ashley Kennedy, The Halfway House, Maxxwell Lange, Vincent Trotto, Chris Miller, Travis Jarosz, Tom Kittendorf, Mental Spaghetti Fest, The Property, Denver Noise Fest, Rhinoceropolis, Todd Novasad, Erika Escobar, Doc Colony, Leland City Club, Giovanni Settimo, Tangent Gallery, Micheal Jerome, Tangent Gallery, PJ's Lager House, Nicholas Mancuso, Will Olter, Detroit, Michigan, Ratskin Records, Team Eastside D-Nice, My family, and the entire Placenta Recordings family!!!


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