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Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Wire Magazine Compilation / The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music / Alrealon Musique Presents “:::From A to U:::”

Alrealon Musique Presents:

The Wire Magazine Compilation / The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music
“:::From A to U:::” 
CD Release Party
@ Little Water Radio
January 16th, 2016, 7:30PM.
207A Front Street, 
NY, NY 10038 

This is the New York party in support of the Alrealon Musique compilation :::From A to U::: that will be included in the January 2016 issue of The Wire Magazine. The compilation was curated by Robert L. Pepper ( Pas Musique) and Philippe Gerber ( JOHN 3:16)

The compilation will be available through the Wire Magazine in physical and digital downloads. 

Live Performances by Joan Hacker, Bob Bellerue, TheUse, Eyryx, Luciernaga, Aaron Moore

Artshow With: Jessica R. Photography / Jessica R. Pepper, Joan Hacker, Jim Tuite, Camille Laoang, Philippe Gerber

Visuals by Jim Tuite

More to come.

*Free Comps while supplies last.

More info: 

The tracks and artists on the compilation include: 

01) Aaron Moore - Drought Harp
02) Big Brother on Acid - TBD
03) Black Saturn - Cool Breeze
04) Bob Bellerue - Princess Turnt
05) Cathy Heyden and Rogier Smal Duo - Jam du traffic
06) Chester Hawkins - Sepia (for Dieter Moebius)
07) Dental Work - Alien Center Of Disease
08) The Ephemeral Man - Sometimes
09) Eyryx - Madness in the Fast Lane
10) Jan Swinburne - NEUROsquirrels
11) Joan Hacker - Phaim (Recorded by Martin Bisi)
12) JOHN 3:16 - Children of God
13) Luciernaga - Behold Yourself
15) Murmurists - 11 Bullets in the Body
16) [ówt krì] - The Blind
17) Pas Musique - Martian Spaghetti Western
18) Rapoon - Pianos Colliding
19) Surrism - suRRhizome
20) TheUse - Semantix

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