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Saturday, September 10, 2016

HNM 100 out now!!!

HNM 100 out now featuring Dental Work, Incapacitants, God Pussy, ARMENIA, The Haters, and many more!


Since the 1st HNM EP release in August 2015, HNM Records has grown and flourished. It has housed many prime noise / experimental releases from the likes of Kazuya Ishigami, Macronympha, Strelokk, T. Mikawa, God Pussy, Yasuhito Fujinami and many other talented artists. 

This compilation is to celebrate HNM Record's 100th release and is a showcase for an amazing amount of experimental artists that have kindly contributed. 

This album is to be listened to as one whole piece. 

Many HUGE thanks to all of the artists involved. 

Special personal thanks to: Cierra, Dave (Filth Puppet), Dean Cavanagh, T. Mikawa, ODORBABY, Rasalasad, L'eclipse Nue, Vaginal Pentagram, A Hack Musician, Colin Raff, Peter Heselton, DJ Tim Kai (The Lion FM), Calvin Cotton (KKFI FM), Argüs Czarodziej, Big Frog, Kanchenjunga, Kazuya Ishigami, Rudolf Eb .er, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Richard Pinhas, K2, s*i*n, Jogja Noise Bombing, David Breather, Theo Nugraha, Jeritan, Scott Lawlor, Zach Reinhardt, Allegory Chapel Ltd., Strelokk, Macronympha, Russell Haswell, Philip Best, Notes / Guests From Chaos Podcast, Bandwagon Indonesia, Armenia, Richard Weeks (The Pope), Blackened Death Records, King Kong Japan, CDR, Yasuhito Fujinami, Gerpfast Kolektif, Doom Trip Records, Ilya S (IHeartNoise), all who have purchased HNM Records releases, all the artists that have done splits with Harsh Noise Movement and all that have released material on HNM Records, for all the amazing support so far. 

Heres to another 100 releases! 


Compiled by Harsh Noise Movement 

*NOTE: This album is marked as a "Name your price" download so you have the choice to get it free or pay if you feel the need to. 

All money made from this album will be put back into the production of the label merchandise and NOT for personal gain.

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