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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Michigan Grindfest III - April 19th, 2014!!!

MICHIGAN GRINDFEST III: A day of Noise, Grind and Faygo showers.

April 19th, 2014 @ Papa Chinn's Chili Emporium - Fowlerville, MI

GRIND SETS (in no particular order):

Backslider (PA)
Lt. Dan (MI)
Pizzahifive (OH)
Agitate (MN) VS Girth (MI)
Shit Life (MI) VS Reptilian Brain (MI)
Total Hipster Crusher (MI) VS Disleksick (CAN)
Faction Disaster (MI/OH) VS Bruxism (MI)
M.D.F.L (OH) VS XAbruptX (IL)
Flvx Capacitor (IN) VS Hang Ten (IN)
Couple Skate (OH) VS Morbid Obesity (IL)
Nuclear Hellfrost (IN) VS Lord Farquaad (OH)
xHankHillx (OH) VS Gnarly Death (IL)
ABE LINCOLN (MI) VS Minimum Wage Assassins (IL)
Leech Bed (OH) VS Dead Church (MI)

NOISE SETS (in no particular order):

Waves Crashing Piano Chords (NY)
Developer (OH)
Sorcerer Torturer (OH)
Spreaders (NY)
Dental Work (MI)
Methlab Explosion (OH)

$15 (over 20 bands, more than 15 from out of state. don't bitch.)

Starts at 4pm sharp. NO PUNK ROCK TIME. If you want to see the bands, be on time.


More details will be posted as they come in.

Labels and Distros bring your stuff to slang!

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