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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dental Work RE-ISSUES 1st 4 EPs from 2007 as digital downloads!!!

Dental Work - Mike Vick Raped By Pit Bulls (PR #004 - 2007)

Very first Dental Work album - recorded in 2006, released on Placenta Recordings in 2007. All tracks by Jay Watson. Long out of print/rare/collector's item.

Dental Work - Trapped In A Well With Various Snakes And Reptiles (PR #005 - 2007)

2nd Dental Work EP released on CDR via Placenta Recordings in 2007. Long out of print/rare/collector's item available as a digital download for the first time!

Dental Work - 16 Bit Asteroid Wreckage EP (Dadaist Audio #118 + Placenta Recordings #006 - 2007)

3rd Dental Work EP, first non-self released album. Originally released on Dadaist Audio net label based in the Netherlands as a digital download and as a CD-R on Placenta Recordings. Long out of print/rare/collector's item. 

"An awesome stab of Dental Work's music here at Dadaist Audio! This EP took some time before it was released but I can reassure you that it was totally worth the wait and you should all download this and play at maximum volume until your ears fall of bleeding." - Dadaist Audio, Netherlands

Dental Work - Ape Bile (Placenta Recordings #007 - 2007)

Dental Work "Ape Bile" - The 4th DW EP, self released on CD-R only on Placenta Recordings in 2007. Styles reflect Electronic, Experimental, and Noise, but I feel this is a more appropriate description of the "genres": Digital Ape Grind/Ramen-Core/Cannibal Hustlin' Noise Jambalaya. Long out of print/rare/collector's item - available digitally for the first time!

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